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glass museum case design


In order to secure the object inside the showcase against theft, the case is designed to withstand external forced entry. The cases are built from structural aluminum, processed steel and laminated glass.

Laminated glass is made from float glass panels with security foils between them. The thickness of the glass depends on the case dimensions and the applicable building code or security regulations.

museum case locking system


The access to the case is differentiated in object area access, light attic access and climate control area access. The case doors are secured by mechanical and security locks. The mechanical lock prevents the door from being physically opened while the security lock prevents the mechanical lock from being operated. The access to the light attic, the climate control area or other technical hatches are protected by security locks.


On request, we can earthquake-proof your showcase. In order to secure the object against earthquakes, the object is passively protected by specific mount making and a showcase that will withstand the effect of an earthquake. When passive protection methods aren’t suitable, the plinth supporting the object or the entire case will receive active seismic isolators.

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