Meyvaert from Ghent is awarded the Belgian Maker Award

Meyvaert from Ghent is awarded the Belgian Maker Award, Production Company of the Year 2018.

Meyvaert Glass Engineering is Production Company of the Year, awarded by UNIZO (the Union of Self-Employed Entrepreneurs), in recognition of Meyvaert’s sustainability, innovation and strategic vision for the future. 
(an aritcle by UNIZO)

Meyvaert is market leader in Belgium for fireproof windows and doors. They are the best in the world for custom display cases for museums worldwide.
“Building glazed security solutions and display cases involves an extremely manual production process. The advantage is that this gives us the flexibility to come up with very customer-centric solutions. We often invite customers to visit our production site. This does not only create trust, but it shows them that we are capable of meeting their needs & requirements.”, says CEO Steven De Tollenaere.

Their fireproof windows and doors are now also taking over the French Market, at a rapid pace, with, among others, installations in the CMA CGM Tower in Marseille, designed by Zaha Hadid. The display cases are housed in museums such as the MAS in Antwerp, the Metropolitan in New York and the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. Still, the company has made the conscious decision to stay in Belgium. “We have been a Belgian (family) company since 1826. The most competent, experienced people and knowhow are in Belgium. Furthermore, 87% of our production takes place in Belgium, which makes it possible for us to monitor our production process closely.”

The advanced technology and innovation, both in production and in management, were the deciding criteria for the judges. “What seems to be a “glass company” is in essence a company with two very specialized business units. Globally, they are at the top when it comes to protecting heritage, assets and people. Protecting against pollution and light, against fire, against earthquakes, theft and even bullets. Even the part that is not visible to the visitor is much more complex than it seems. Meyvaert succeeds in applying these innovative techniques in corporate and public spaces, in museums as well as in private houses. Meyvaert is an example of what Belgium has to offer when it comes to entrepreneurship. It is a worldwide reference in its industry.”

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