Realisation in Singapore: The Judicial Heritage Gallery

Transcending time and space, the Judicial Heritage Gallery presents the story of the Singapore Judiciary, showcasing significant milestones and moments in Singapore’s judicial heritage. Visitors can look forward to a multi-dimensional and multi-media experience, walking through moments in Singapore’s legal heritage, whilst surrounded by scenes from social history.

For the new exhibition, Meyvaert designed a showcase to be integrated in the wall. For this showcase, there were multiple challenges. How to properly display an ancient document upright without the risk of damage? How to let the client check the humidity without visible sensors? How to mount the artifact securely?

We opted for a design in which the showcase opens to the back, into a concealed corridor, only accessible to staff. From the visitor’s side there are no visible locks. Inside the showcase, there is a supporting mount for the artefact, upon which it can rest without any physical attachment. Behind this mount, there is a small window for the staff to check a hidden humidity sensor. The silica gel that controls the humidity inside the showcase is hidden behind this support mount.

Below the recessed wall case is a sealed drawer unit that displays 2 documents. We opted for a very sturdy rail system that was able to bear the heavy steel drawer showcases, combined with pistons that allow the drawer to open and close softly. We needed to design a system in which we did not attach the papers physically to the bottom (to prevent damage) so that they wouldn't move when people opened or closed the drawers Inside, the papers are surrounded by a steel plate, with openings that are cut to the exact size of the artefacts to prevent any movement and to give a visual framework to the artefacts. The silica gel that controls the humidity inside the drawers is in a hidden compartment but not in the bottom so that we didn't have to increase the height of the drawers. This kept the design elegant while allowing the silica gel to function efficiently. 
The finished display is successfully integrated into the gallery achieving a balance between good presentation with an effective conservation controlled environment.

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