World of Wine, Porto’s new cultural district

Following five years of development and €105 million of investment, World of Wine is the new cultural centre of  the 55000 m² district of Porto. With six museums, nine restaurants, bars and cafés, shops, event spaces and even a wine school, WOW pays homage to the city of Porto and tells the story of some of the most important Portuguese industries and traditions. The central square is the ideal setting to marvel at the panoramic views over the historic city of Porto and the Douro River.

The Bridge Collection is a comprehensive collection of drinking vessels, that shines a light on customs associated with drinking. The collection is a journey through time, telling the story of humanity through the evolution of drinking vessels, from earliest civilisations to the present day. With more than 1,800 vessels and glasses, the oldest piece in the collection dates back to 7000 BC.

In order to be able to change the exhibition regularly, the customer wanted maximum flexibility in the arrangement of the showcases. That is why our Infinity cases, a modular demountable system was chosen for the majority of the showcases. In order to ensure uniformity with the window display cases, which already offer a view of the museum from outside, they were designed in the same style as the modular Infinity showcases. For the main objects of the collection, showcases were designed with turntables and a custom-made lighting system. 

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museum display cases museum display cases museum display cases
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