The National Museum of American History is opening its doors today to the first dedicated permanent exploration of U.S. entertainment History!


The multimedia exhibition features more than 200 objects, including Prince’s Guitar, Ali’s Boxing Robe and the Ruby Slippers, in a unique setting taking the visitors on an extraordinary journey through American pop culture history.


The new "Entertainment Nation"/"Nación del espectáculo", which is also the largest long-term bilingual exhibition on the National Mall in DC, is a new must-see to understand how plenty of important debates about society and politics have been shaped by all forms of entertainment, whether television, film, music, theater, or sports.


We are delighted to have helped turn this project into a great success by providing all the casework designed by Reich & Petch while collaborating closely with Cinnabar.

As cherry on top, our team was fortunate enough to meet one of America's most genuine musical icons at the opening event of this epic exhibition, Mr. Dave Grohl.

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