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Colleville-sur-Mer - France

American Cemetery Visitor Center

Free standing showcase in American Cemetery Visitor Center

The museum and collection

With one million visitors per year, the Normandy American Cemetery is the most visited cemetery run by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC). In 2007, the ABMC opened a Visitor Center at the location. After an overhaul in 2019, the Visitor Center reopened in time for the 75th anniversary of D-day on June 6th, an event during which the US president and other high profile visitors were received.

The Visitor Center complements and enhances the experience of those visiting the gravesite of American soldiers lost during the Invasion of Normandy. With collections of artefacts such as books and letters, visitors are left with a more personal experience of the individual soldiers and their sacrifices. Some of the most particular artefacts are uniformed mannequins and a rare paradummy, a 3 foot tall doll dropped from airplanes in large numbers in order to deceive the enemy.

The assignment

Color-AD, the contractor for the project, selected Meyvaert to supply 8 standard display cases: 1 wall mounted case, 2 freestanding cases and 5 freestanding cases on bases that also have the Slim Top profile. This profile which is only 15mm thick adds both elegance and strength to the display cases.

Cube showcase on podium with paradummyCube showcase over religious object on podiumCube showcase on podium with uniformed mannequin

American Cemetery Visitor Center





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Haley Sharpe


8 standard showcases

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