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London - United Kingdom

Clockmakers' Museum

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The museum and the collection

The Clockmakers’ Collection, belonging to the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, is one of the oldest collections of clocks and watches worldwide. The collection, which was first established at the Guildhall in 1814, was moved to London's Science Museum in 2015. Opened to the public in October 2015, the Clockmakers’ Museum perfectly complements the Science Museum’s existing ‘Measuring Time Gallery’, thereby providing visitors with a unique insight into two exceptional horological collections that span the 16th to the 21th centuries.

The assignment

For this project, Meyvaert deinstalled the existing exhibition structure, refurbished 18 existing cases and supplied 6 new custom-made, freestanding display cases that seamlessly blend together in the exhibition space. The old wooden floor of the location presented a challenge, as the small footprints of the refurbished cases required additional reinforcement in order to make the cases sufficiently stable on the wooden surface of the gallery. Furthermore, additional security profiles were required in order to ensure the safety of the objects in the Science Museum, a precautionary measure to address the increase in visitor numbers resulting from the collection’s relocation to London.

The project: challenges & result

The Clockmakers’ Museum was inaugurated by HRH Princess Anne at the Royal Opening Ceremony on October 22nd of 2015. We are honoured and delighted to have played a part in this magnificent project.


Clockmakers' Museum


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Dismantling, relocation and reassembly of 16 existing cases, plus 6 new cases

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