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Dublin - Ireland

National Gallery of Ireland

The museum and collection

The National Gallery of Ireland dates back to 1854 and houses the national collection of Irish and European art, as well as some natural history artefacts.

The assignment

In one of its galleries, existing cases were difficult to work with and performed badly. The brief was to design cases that would offer maximum flexibility and accessibility. We designed and built 4 cases with a  total display length of 32m.

What's more, every part is easily accessible with a multipivot hinged door. The back panel can be positioned in an upright or in a sloping position, depending upon the exhibition. We installed a new system of discreet stainless steel rods for displaying objects. We placed these at different positions on the back panels. As a result, it now takes a fraction of the time to remodel exhibitions.

A review of the lighting system in our factory at an early stage enabled us to determine the best solution.


National Gallery of Ireland





Type of museum

Natural History


Replacement of 4 existing cases

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