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Oxford - United Kingdom

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

The museum and collection

OXCIS, the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies provides a meeting point between the Islamic and Western worlds of learning. Through good scholarship it promotes a more informed understanding of Islam - its culture and civilisation. The Centre is committed to the advancement of academic excellence in teaching, research and publication. Its outreach activities sustain dialogue and promote mutual understanding at national and international levels. 

The assignment

We were challenged to design, build and install a bespoke case to present a rare and very important Kiswah-cloth (3.36 m wide by 6.43 m high). The Kiswah, a brocade cloth that covers the Kaaba in Mecca, is changed and replaced yearly by a new one. The Kaaba is the most sacred Islamic shrine on earth. The Kiswah will be displayed for many years and therefore needs a stable environment. Our display case is made from inert materials and sealed completely, not only to protect the textile from physical damage but also to be able to provide a safe controllable environment. 

OXCIS - wall showcase with very large single glass doorOXCIS - wall showcase with very large single glass doorOXCIS - Frame showcase

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies


United Kingdom



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