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Glasgow - United Kingdom

Hunterian Museum

Freestanding museum showcase

The museum and collection

The Hunterian is the oldest museum in Scotland. It opened in 1807 and is one of the museums belonging to the University of Glasgow.

The assignment

A framework agreement was made to source various case designs over a period of time in order to match the hunterian's highly specific needs and challenges. These included our modular and demountable Infinity cases, which are ideal for temporary and evolving exhibitions. 

The first challenge was to design and build a special case for Whistler’s Peacock water colour and a free standing case for a screen by Whistler. We collaborated closely with the local team to ensure all aspects were considered.  This was followed by a series of table cases and wall mounted cases for the temporary exhibition galleries. 

The museum has gone on to use these cases in many creative ways for many different exhibitions.


Hunterian Museum


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Modular Freestanding Case


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