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Thorsminde - Denmark

Strandingsmuseum St. George

The museum and collection

Situated on the west coast of Jutland, Strandingsmuseum tells the story of several historic events that took place along its shore in the North Sea. The first such event was the enormous shipwreck of two British ships, the HMS St. George and the HMS Defence, which occurred in 1811 and resulted in the loss of over 1.400 men. The second event is the naval Battle of Jutland, which took place in 1916 amidst WWI and brought about the loss of almost 8.000 men in just one day. The museum reopened to the public in May 2017 after an extensive rebuild.

At the 2019 European Museum of the Year Awards, the Strandingsmuseum St. George was awarded the Silletto Prize, which is given to museums that have demonstrated excellence in involving their local communities or that have attracted outstanding support from its work with volunteers. 

The assignment

Meyvaert contributed to the museum’s makeover by supplying more than 20 of our modular and demountable Infinity showcases, as well as custom-built display cases such as table cases and bell jar cases. These are used by the museum to display artefacts linked to the many shipwrecks in a manner that takes into account all aspects of presentation, security and conservation.

The project: challenges & result

We were involved early on by the museum and Event to advise on a budget-friendly solution that was flexible in design. Taking into account the design & technical requirements, we recommended them to use our standardized modular & demountable case, Infinity. This case could serve as a freestanding as well as a wall case. Thanks to the flexibility in configurations, the internal & lighting options, we were able to use one system across the entire gallery.


Strandingsmuseum St. George


Smart Solutions
Modular Freestanding Case





Type of museum

Shipwreck Museum




24 Infinity modular and demountable showcases
custom showcases


More info

Winner of the Silletto Prize at the EMYA Awards of 2019

Meyvaert produces high-quality showcases at a competitive price!

Ingeborg Svennevig
Director, De Kulturhistoriske Museer i Holstebro kommune

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