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Liverpool - United Kingdom

World Museum Egypt Gallery

The museum and collection

Liverpool’s World Museum first opened its doors in 1853. The museum is one of the oldest of the museums and galleries managed by National Museums Liverpool. Over the years the museum has grown, with displays and collections spanning life sciences, earth sciences and human cultures.

The assignment

Meyvaert produces three bespoke showcases for this museum. All of the artefacts on display are ancient Egyptian treasures, including mummies and sarcophagi, a  girdle and a Book of the Dead.

Large free-standing display case with mummies and sarcophagi

The project: challenges & result

The largest of the cases measures 9mx3m. Due to the large size of the case and the fragile nature of the items, active climate control was integrated so as to prevent the decay of the material fibres. LED with a maximum light level of 50 lux was therefore chosen. Forex panels were used simultaneously both as mounting supports and to provide additional stability inside this enormous display case. Moreover, the case also features a specially designed metal kick-plinth at foot-height, which prevents wheelchair users from accidentally damaging the display case with their feet, yet allows them to view the objects from close-up. 
The second display case, which houses a Book of the Dead scroll, is a long wall-mounted display case with a sloped top (dimensions 4500x600x150). A piston hinged opening mechanism allows the display case to be opened at the top, so that museum staff can access the parchment when necessary. A dimmable LED strip illuminates the case interior. Anti-reflective glass is used in all the showcases to make the visitor experience as enjoyable as possible.

The third showcase is a small recessed display case, with a fixed glass top and front that slides forward together with the base panel. A sloped internal plinth optimally allows the girdle to be presented to the public. This sloping top table case, has demanding control needs that were managed using silica gel and a very air tight case. 

Large free-standing climatised display case

World Museum Egypt Gallery


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3 bespoke cases

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