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Leeds - United Kingdom

Royal Armouries

The museum & the collection

The Royal Armouries boasts an extraordinary collection of weapons from all ages and from around the world, accompanied by a wealth of associated artifacts, including Samurai swords and iconic movie props.

Whilst the main museum is located in Leeds, additional bases can be found in Fort George near Portsmouth and in The Tower of London.

The assignment & the challenges

The Royal Armouries have an increasing need for temporary exhibitions showcasing their extensive collection of weapons. They require a system of cases that is not only flexible but also secure for obvious reasons.

In 2020, they initially acquired Meyvaert modular cases and have since expanded both the quantity of cases and the diverse elements available for creating captivating displays. The project had a short lead time, which was not an issue as all the necessary showcases were readily available in Meyvaert’s stock.

To showcase the remarkable collection effectively, we constructed a display environment by combining 8x2 modular cases, resulting in dimensions of 900mm in depth and 1800mm in length—perfect for accommodating long-barreled weapons.

The cases were delivered, installed, cleaned and handed over within a span of just 4 days. This swift installation allowed plenty of time for the other trades to finish the setworks, graphics, and case internals for the exhibition to open on time.

The solutions & the result

The Meyvaert modular case solution is easily assembled and seamlessly compatible with the Royal Armouries’ existing stock of Meyvaert modular cases. The cases were installed promptly and the internal displays were smoothly positioned as they were designed to effortlessly integrate with the modular case system.

The resulting RE:LOADED exhibition presents a striking display of a few of the most highly adorned and intricately decorated weapons. This exhibition is open from December 2023 to June 2024. The cases will then be reconfigured and used for the next exhibition. This system’s flexibility, ease of transportation, and adaptability to create a completely different aesthetic, make the modular case system a vital component of our sustainable, long-term approach to temporary exhibitions.

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Royal Armouries


Modular Freestanding Case


United Kingdom



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Historical Museum


Simon Leach


21 modular freestanding cases

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