Musée de Cluny, the only national museum dedicated to the Middle Ages in France


Musée de Cluny, located in the heart of the Latin Quarter of Paris, is the only national museum in France dedicated to the Middle Ages. Since its creation in 1843, it has acquired unique and incredibly famous pieces such as the altar front from the Basel Cathedral, as well as one of the most famous medieval works in the world, “The Lady and the Unicorn”.

The architects’ objective was to contribute to the overall unity of the new museum through a minimalist and refined aesthetic. To achieve this sense of unity, light-coloured materials and shapes were carefully chosen to enhance the polychromy and diversity of the works of art. This same aesthetic requirement was applied to the entire design of the museographic devices, which was entrusted to Meyvaert.

With 78 showcases, 124 columns, podia and socles, 22 glass-in-lead displays, we tried to modernise the building and the museography and make it an appealing place, open to the city and accessible to all its visitors.

© Alexis Paoli

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