Musée d'Histoire de Nantes opens brand new Exhibition: "India - Reflections of Sacred Worlds"


Meyvaert is very pleased to have equipped the "Château des Ducs de Bretagne" with the INFINITY range of modular display cases. In order to dynamise and stage its rich programme of temporary exhibitions, the Nantes History Museum has chosen the combination of flexibility and museum quality that distinguishes INFINITY display cases.


For their first outing in Nantes, our showcases inaugurate the delightful exhibition "India, Reflections of Sacred Worlds", created in collaboration with the Museo delle Civiltà in Rome. The ingenious scenography allowed the display cases to be integrated into the furniture elements in order to create a totally personalised and immersive setting. The exhibition plunges the public into a world that is truer than life, where the five senses are called upon for a rich, playful and exotic experience.


Following the red thread of the religious framework in India, this exhibition takes us through the evolution of Indian civilisation and culture on a sensitive and spiritual stroll through Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.  

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