The table case comes in several dimensions, with options and features allowing you to select a case to comply with your requirements whilst meeting the highest levels of conservation standards. The case is available in 2 lengths and 2 glass heights: 1200 mm or 1500 mm long and 250 mm or 400 mm high glass. The 250 mm high version is suitable for smaller or lower objects and allows easy visual accessibility from the top thanks to the reduced height. The 400 mm high version is suitable for larger or higher objects and allows great visual access from both the top and the case sides.


The Meyvaert Standard Table Case is part of the Meyvaert Products range. The Meyvaert Products and Smart Solutions share a recurring feature: our 40 mm high profile. The widespread application of this profile will ensure a consistent design throughout  your exhibition when you use various Meyvaert Products and Solutions.

As part of the Meyvaert Products range, the Standard Table Case is equipped with this unique, innovative, and highly acclaimed 40 mm high profile, expertly designed to incorporate the following value-adding elements:

- A minimal perimeter frame, allowing a larger internal base panel.
- An invisible hinge and slim gas struts, supporting the case in open position.
- An accurate positioning of the seal, ensuring airtightness with an AER below 0.1 or 10% per day.
- A discreetly positioned lock below the case, enhancing security.


The table case can be used as a standalone case, set against a wall or integrated into setworks. When the case is placed against a wall, the location of the hinges at the short side of the case avoids collision between the glass hood and the wall.

The case legs can be removed, which will allow the table to be used on other surfaces (pedestal, base, plinth, table, etc.)  or a setwork. Minimum maintenance is required: the seals, the gas pistons and the locks should be inspected after only 5 years. A complete user and maintenance manual is provided.


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Each exhibition can be presented to its fullest potential thanks to an optional LED goal post. This flexible lighting system complies with the highest museum quality requirements. The LED goal post can rotate around its axis which will enable you to precisely illuminate the objects.  It can also be easily removed and installed again between exhibitions.

The color and finish of the case is RAL 9005 Black Zero Matte powder coating. This finish has been specifically engineered for all Meyvaert products. The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is extremely low whilst keeping a high resistance to scratches. Special colors and finishes can be selected upon request.

‘Low iron’, often referred to as extra-white, laminated glass, is used to avoid the slightly green tinge of regular glass. This will allow the visitors to better appreciate the true colors of objects. An optional anti-reflective (low-reflective) coating on the glass is available. This coating strongly reduces distracting light reflections and improves the appearance and color rendering of the objects. In order to create a seamless effect, the glasses are mitred and bonded with black or translucent silicone. The black silicone eliminates all green tints visible at the side of the glass.

Special attention has been given to wheelchair users and children. The case design with space between the supporting legs and with low glass (the 250 mm version) allows this audience to equally fully admire the fascinating objects inside the case.


To meet the highest levels of conservation requirements and to create a stable relative humidity environment inside the case for the objects, the Meyvaert Standard Table showcase is equipped with an externally accessible silica gel compartment. The compartment is lockable and can contain up to 2 half-size silica gel cassettes. The external access prevents disturbance of the relative humidity inside the display area when replacing the cassettes. The 5 mm ventilation gap around the perimeter of the case allows for effective passive ventilation.

For specific locations or objects requiring a specific relative humidity level, we offer an optional invisible fan module for enhanced air exchange between the silica gel compartment and the display volume.

Other features ensuring optimal conservation of your valuables include:
- All materials and finishes used inside the case are neutral and have been ODDY tested by an external accredited laboratory.
- The case has an air exchange rate of less than 0,1 or 10% per day. 
- The laminated glass filters up to 99,9% of UV lighting.


We use anti-bandit laminated 11,5 mm glass, composed of 2 x 5 mm float glass with a 1,34 mm PVB interlayer. 
For additional security, an optional 25 mm (1 inch) powder-coated steel-welded security frame is available. The frame is permanently applied over the glass-to-glass junctions, preventing breaches through the silicone between the glass panels.

The glass hood is secured with 2 Abloy locks, performing flawlessly on several levels:
- The keys can only be removed when the locks are in a closed position. 
- The hinges are concealed when the case is locked. 
- The locks are discreetly located below the side of the case, making them less susceptible to tampering.

The silica gel compartment can be accessed from below and can be locked with an Abloy lock. The fact that the silica gel compartment can be opened separately from the display compartment, means that the showcase’s contents are still secure even when the silica gel hatch is open.

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