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Liverpool - United Kingdom

The Walker Art Gallery

The museum & the collection

As part of the Liverpool World Museum Group, the Walker Art Gallery stands as a beacon of artistic excellence, housing an impressive collection spanning over six centuries. From Tudor portraits to 20th-century masterpieces, the gallery showcases works by renowned artists like Rubens, Rembrandt, and Gainsborough.

Moreover, its commitment to contemporary art is evident in the display of pieces by Lucien Freud and Bridget Riley. The Decorative Arts gallery features over 500 items, including ceramics and fashion, offering a diverse journey through history.

The assignment & the challenges

Meyvaert was appointed to create 16 special showcases that will offer long-term flexibility for their changing exhibitions. The diverse range of cases included 5 freestanding cases, 2 wall-mounted cases, 7 table top cases mounted on setworks, and 2 table cases with legs.

All cases featured anti-reflective glass and passive climate control, maintaining an air exchange rate of below 10% per day. Along with that, each showcase was required to have an Identity number indelibly marked upon the glass.

In addition, as the museum was open during the installation period, our planned activities had to reflect the availability of public areas outside regular hours. Moreover, ensuring the stability of the table cases was a critical consideration, prompting careful attention to address potential risks.

The solutions & the result

We were able to use Meyvaert’s Smart Solutions to create the case designs in the form of a 60mm profile and system. This allowed us to create table cases that were hinged at the short end of the showcase, supported by gas pistons for smooth opening and closing. This approach overcame any safety concerns and allowed the larger dimensions to be achieved without compromising accessibility.

Employing a specialised technique, we permanently marked each case with an identity number on the glass surface. Collaborating closely with the client’s lock supplier ensured that all lock types aligned with their specific requirements. The table-top cases were recessed into the plinths (by others) to allow the display surface to be flush with the surrounding plinth top.

The entire delivery, installation, and construction process spanned 11 days, and with efficient planning, all movement outside closed galleries occurred before or after regular museum hours, considering the building’s public accessibility.

The client team were very pleased with the finished project and our methodology during the installation process. Our experience of making showcases with high levels of airtightness proved very valuable, receiving appreciation from the client team when they conducted their own tests to ensure the desired airtightness standards were met.

National Museums Liverpool is celebrating the reopening of the rooms at the gallery with a new exhibition, “Renaissance Rediscovered”, which features work by Titian, Lavinia Fontana, and Peter Paul Rubens. The exhibition is funded by Art Friends Merseyside, Henry Moore Foundation, Art Fund, and the Tavolozza Foundation.

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The Walker Art Gallery


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Meyvaert Smart Solutions: 5 freestanding cases, 2 wall-mounted cases, 7 integrated table-top cases & 2 table cases

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