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Deventer - Netherlands

De Waag

Table case

The museum and collection

Museum De Waag is located in one of the oldest weigh houses in the Netherlands. A weigh house is where in the past merchandise was weighed and taxed. This symbol for the city is located on the central square of Deventer.

The assignment

The display cases that we supplied will be used for the exhibition "Deventer Book City". Museum De Waag shows the highlights of the book industry in Deventer, from early manuscripts and ancient prints, over atlases and almanacs to the heyday of the graphic industry in the 20th century. The masterpieces from the Athenaeum library can be seen in the "Treasury of Deventer Book City" room.

The project: challenges & result

The Infinity free standing showcases that we supplied are easy to set-up, demount and rearrange. Its internal elements are equally flexible. This is why they are a practical and cost efficiĆ«nt choice for the evolving exhibitions in the Museum De Waag. What is unique about the Infinity showcases and the table cases in this project, is that they are equipped with active climate control. The display cases had to meet strict conservation requirements for the valuable objects.

"We are satisfied with the installation of the showcases, the mini-climatisation units are running well and we are receiving positive reactions to your showcases. They give us many possibilities and their design is functional and appealing."

- Anne van Geuns, conservator, Museum De Waag

Infinity modular demountable showcase, with internal plinth and active climate controlClose up of internal shelves

De Waag


Standard Solutions
Modular Freestanding Case





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4 Infinity cases and 2 table cases

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