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Antwerp - Belgium


The museum and collection

For centuries, Antwerp has attracted people from all over the world to exchange ideas and goods. Traces of these encounters and stories are collected in the MAS - Museum aan de stroom. The MAS was also designed as a catalyst for the neighbourhood. Its reach extends to every corner of the city and it attracts people from far beyond Antwerp. Its 10 storey structure hosts 5700 m2 of exhibition space displaying 470.000 alternating museum pieces.

Museum showcase

The assignment

Meyvaert  was assigned the masterplanning and total fit out of floors 2 to 8 of the new museum MAS. The contribution of Meyvaert to this extensive project included the synchronisation of the complete fit out, the manufacturing and installation of display cases and the installation of internal and external lighting, plinths and graphics.

The layout of the display cases was designed and developed by B-architecten. The coordination of the project was performed by a project team under the general management of Meyvaert. The major constraints of the client were timing, budget and security. Our company has won two lots of this project late September 2010 and we completed the work early April 2011. The implementation of both lots awarded to us was partly overlapping and carried out in a very tight schedule. Due to the short lead time we engaged our partners for the execution of wooden elements, graphics and plinths. The coordination and quality control however remained under the control of Meyvaert.

To merge the interactions, a weekly on-site meeting was held in Antwerp in the presence of all stakeholders. This procedure was agreed on by the contracting authority before the award of the project. It was a strict requirement needed to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

The building is fully air-conditioned ; therefore the display cases did not require individual air regulation. As for the composition of materials in the cases, we shared our extensive experience with the museum. Moreover all materials were tested according to the EN-16000-11 standard.

Object security was paramount, although the designers imagined large tables with scale models of ships without any protection. After the first tests, museum curators were reassured. With the help of a specialized partner, we installed an alarm system with sound lasers with a deterrent effect, which were integrated in the ceiling.

Multimedia design and delivery of multimedia computers was done by a dedicated contractor working for the city of Antwerp. Meyvaert supported the integration of the multimedia ware.

The project: challenges & result

Transportation and installation was a matter of planning and efficiency. The levels of the museum building were constructed floor per floor. Once a floor was completed Meyvaert delivered and installed the respective display cases and furniture. The objects were stored in a warehouse on the 5th floor.

To complete the project, Meyvaert and its partners successfully overcame architectural constraints such as a limited access to the new building, the interdiction to drill in the walls and the self-carrying parquet floors with low stability and strength.

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Complete fitout of 7 floors

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