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Winchester - United Kingdom

Warden's Stable Museum

The museum and collection

Winchester College, located in the county of Hampshire on England’s southern coast, built its first museum during the last decade of the 19th century. The original museum had in its possession a range of archaeological, artistic and scientific treasures, including a large collection of Greek vases and casts of classical sculpture at its core. As the collection blossomed over the years through generous donations, the museum building underwent changes that necessitated the rehousing of the collection. Scattered across different locations, the rich collection was neither very accessible nor housed in an environment suitable for proper conservation. In order to better conserve the magnificent objects and allow a wider public to enjoy them, the College decided to convert the medieval Warden’s Stables into a fully functional museum.

The assignment

For the four galleries of the museum, Meyvaert created a familiar style of showcase range that encompassed many new and additional features that fulfilled the requirements set out by the Metaphor design team, with whom we have successfully collaborated time and time again. Our craftsmanship and expertise in the production of tailored display cases has enabled the paintings, watercolours, books, manuscripts and others works of art in the collection to be exhibited under the correct atmospheric conditions for all to admire.


Warden's Stable Museum


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United Kingdom



Type of museum

Treasury Museum


Metaphor & Dmitri Martin Associates


25 tailored showcases

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Photos by Hufton Crow used with kind permission from Metaphor

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