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Nantes - France

Château des Ducs de Bretagne

The museum & the collection

In the heart of Nantes’ medieval quarter, the ‘Château des Ducs de Bretagne’ proudly houses the ‘Musée d’Histoire de Nantes’. The fascinating story of this monument and its contemporary history museum offer an array of exciting discoveries. The museum’s international acclaim comes from its outstanding sections on the Atlantic slave trade, slavery, and the two world wars, making it an exceptional landmark in Nantes. Moreover, its constantly changing temporary exhibitions never fail to impress visitors.

The assignement & the challenges

With a commitment to both excellence and eco-responsibility, the Museum sought to revitalise its temporary exhibitions while minimising waste and environmental impact. To achieve this, they needed versatile and high-quality showcases which would respond well to the dynamism of the changing exhibitions and which would also stand the test of time. The perfect solution could be found in Meyvaert’s modular Infinity showcases. These cases not only proved flexible and durable but also met the highest museum standards.

The debut exhibition titled 'Indes, Reflets de mondes sacrés' ingeniously incorporated the modular cases into the furniture elements, creating a wholly unique and immersive experience and captivating its visitors by guiding them through a personalised and exotic journey that engages all five senses, making it an unforgettable and playful adventure.

Adapting the showcases to the iconic site of the Château, built in the late 15th century by François II and Anne of Brittany, presented significant challenges due to stringent access limitations.

The solutions & the result

We modified the dimensions of the Infinity cases to allow them to fit seamlessly into the castle’s spaces, without compromising their modular and demountable features. The flightcases, ensuring safe transportation and storage of the showcases between exhibitions, were also tailored to perfectly match the Château’s historic goods lift.

Working alongside the museum’s dynamic, creative, and open-minded team was a delight. Through meaningful discussions with users, the Infinity range continuously evolves to meet the current and future exhibition needs, ensuring a vibrant and ever-evolving showcase of history and art.

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Château des Ducs de Bretagne


Modular Freestanding Case





Type of museum

Historical Museum


Contemporanea Progetti


30 modular Infinity freestanding cases

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