7 steps to
a career in our company

What is our hiring process?

We believe in the power of 'working within your talent'. Taking on responsibilities that you enjoy and things that you do well. That is the key to success! In order to identify your strengths, we take the following steps in our selection process. 


An often overlooked, yet essential, first step: focus fully on you. Before applying, it can be helpful to take some time to observe yourself. Ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers: 

  • What achievement(s) are you proud of? 
  • Which 5 adjectives describe you best? 
  • What has been your biggest challenge / learning point recently?


We aim for long-term relationships. We like to open our doors to colleagues who want to help build our future, so that we can help them to build theirs. So, take a moment to find out what we stand for and what we can offer you. That way you will know you are making the right choice. 


Give us a first impression of your experience, talent, and motivation by applying with your CV and a cover letter. Please include your answers to the 3 questions you asked yourself in phase 1. Do you find this still a bit difficult to put into words? Don't let it stop you from applying. We will gladly map out your ambitions together with you.


Do we both feel that we are a match for each other? Then we will invite you for a first meeting.  

If we have any doubts or if we do not see any opportunities for you within our group (at the moment), we will also contact you personally. 

Our first meeting is about gaining a first impression of each other. Who you are and who we are? We invite you to meet us online or on-site at one of our sites. Are we both positive about our first introduction? 

Then we will plan a follow-up interview. 


In the second interview, we'd like to get to know you even better. We will dive into your experience, expertise, talents, and ambitions. And we will outline our group, our ambitions, and our values.


Often both parties will have more questions after an in-depth meeting. In this third interview, we will create clarity to determine together whether you fit in with our group and with the job that you are applying for. In this phase, you will also meet your future colleagues.


If we can both see you building a future within our group? Then a salary proposal will follow and we hope to be able to open our doors to you soon!  

Perhaps we are not the right match for each other at the moment, but do we both see opportunities for a possible future collaboration? Then we will keep your details and get back in touch with you at a later stage. Who knows what the future holds! 


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